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Waiting for the Storm - Marie Landry ~Read this book for a book tour. This did not influence my opinion. http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/ ~Down- Blink 182I'll be completely honest with you, I had my doubts. I thought this book would be cheesy with a cute romance that I could rant about. But it wasn't- cheesy I mean. It was heavy and deep and oh-so sweet. Erza and Charlotte are definetly one of my favorite fictional couples to date. Charlotte was the Queen of Jumping to Conclusions. I honestly wanted to slap myself a few times and pretend it was her. Drug dealer? Are you kidding me? She is a glass half full kind of girl except when it comes to things that actually matter. Yes her life has been very hard....how could losing your mom, especially at such a young age, not have such heart breaking effects? As soon as she sees Ezra (well almost as soon) it's like she has something to look forward to. She is just so open, and when he isn't, she thinks of it as an act of betrayal. It isn't. Charlottes's sister. *shudders* I just don't like her. She's mean and takes advantage of people. I know she thinks that everything is just soo easy for her sister, but nothing is as dramatic as she makes it out to be. Goodness. He annoying acts of...I don't even know what to call it....crappy attitude-ness. I did mark this as a 'discovering-yourself' so, the question for her is ' to change for not to change?' Ezra. Where to start with him? He's crazy and amazing. He is by no means perfect. He's had a crappy life and when Charlotte came into his life..it was like everything was new. He has secrets. Lot and bunches and heaps and gold mines of secrets. Charlotte is uncovering them one at a time and he is losing his shield to hide behind. Everyone mourns in different ways. Some keep and air tight grasp on every part of that person that they once knew. Some let go of everything and block that person from their memories. Some recreate themselves into a different human entirely, not even recognizable to themselves, much less to the world around them. Some keep secrets and hide everything they used to know. This is a story of, if not overcoming grief, then finding yourself and accepting what happened. It about falling in love and learning to not be afraid when something doesn't go as planned. This is a novel where love isn't perfect. Its scary because it real and perfect because it isn't.