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The Howling Heart - April Bostic * I received this for a book tour* http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Wow. I'm still deciding how I feel about this book. Lol. There was a mystery at the beginning of the book. Who's the wolf? Why is it coming into my room? What in the world is going on?! She was terrified to say the least, and no one seemed bothered by it. Like, at all. They could have at least faked it. This was an almost insta-love. Almost. On her part it was just serious attraction, then terror, then lust, and finally, love.When she was little, Paige's family went on vacation at a little log cabin in the woods. One day when her parents were fighting (she was like 8) she ran away into the woods and became friends with a wolf puppy. After that trip they never came back. More than 10 years later she's comes back and reconnects with the wolf puppy, who is now, believe me, not a puppy. This book is filled with fun twists and a little more than slightly weird turns. Just when you think they're going to be together forever, suddenly an old enemy decides he wants her too.For me, the issues in this book were resolved as quickly as they popped up. Riley was adamant that his dad hated his guts, but from the readers perspective, it seemed a lot like his dad (who is the pack leader) bent the rules around him. He did lots of things to ensure the safety of his kids. The few issues that remained unresolved were the ones that made me really mad that they were that: unresolved. Like the issues with Riley's sister and arch enemy. Goodness, that made me mad. Also, I found Riley...erm...really in love. So much that it was almost an obsession. And slightly sad. Every time she thought about leaving to her very well established life at Elle, he would almost cry. This he man: strong, sexy and well...manly, would almost cry. And it broke Paige's heart. I wanted to whack some sense into them both. But in some strange twisted way, they were made for each other. Even if I did find them both really, really odd. You'll see what I mean. They're sorta made for each other. No really xD