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Dance in Shadow and Whisper (The Marionettes of Myth, #1) - Sarah Godfrey,  Victoria DeRubeis 3.75http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Dance in Shadow and Whisper is a dashing debut filled with an undeniable destiny, loveable characters and a wonderful writing style that will leave you wanting the second book in this saga more than air. Or at least it did for me. (I mean that ending) The characters were easy to like (except for Yuuhi, I had to learn to love him) and the setting was really cool. Kali's brothers are over protective and typical teenage boys....in their minds at least. Yeah, that was a little awkward to think about. In this lovely not so little novel, there is a wide variety of demons that do not conduct your usual demon-like behavior. Yuuhi is a vampire. Vampire are traditionally heartless, right. come one guys, I'm not talking about Edward or any of your other mushy gushy vampires. Let's think Dracula. A lot of the vampires in this book are like Dracula, like Yuuhi's 'mother' *shudders* Yuuhi himself and another vampire who will remain nameless, are not completely evil. Yuuhi can be deceiving and on the edge of crazy, but he keeps everyone at an arms length because of all he has been though. And he's been through A LOT. Can you tell I like Yuuhi? Maybe just a little?Jason. Well right off the bat they tell you that he is the reincarnated demon Ares. Keep this in mind, I'm going to talk about this later. Okay so I think, still not really sure, that Kali ended up liking him. Still sorta on the edge with this since there were no definite signs. Anyway, he was a really good thinker. He was good at calculating and he wasn't afraid of sacrificing people to win. (dodge ball) Honestly, I think I was supposed to like him....but I just...didn't.Kali is...well I never really figured out what she is. Well, except for that. But I can't tell you that so you might as well read it to find out what that is. Kali is completely naive about pretty much everything. You think I'm exaggerating don't you? Well, sad to say, I'm not. She doesn't know what the horrific game called dodge ball is. Goodness I hate that game with a fiery passion.Her dads. Their brothers with a mighty ginormous secret that I really think that they should have told everyone sooner. But their awesome. Especially Lio. Mostly this book surrounded the reincarnation of Ares and Amos, two demons who fought over a girl that they both loved but died and they each blamed the other. *scoffs* Males. What are we to do? Everyone is chasing their tails (haha, Tails) trying to figure out who it is. I have to admit when they finally did figure out who it was, it didn't surprise me.Also her sister is evillllllllllll. EVILL. Overall this book was really, really funny with a few romantic twists and a lot of who questions. There were a few unanswered question that I would have liked answered. The ending was a shocker. I'm really confused about Jason's mother and what the deal is with her....