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Taken by Storm  - Angela Morrison 2.5 starsThis book had me addicted..but i really didn't like it. The writing style was cool. I liked how in the beginning Michael thoughts all had a lowercase 'i' instead of an uppercase 'I' like was used in the end. To me the lowercase signaled vulnerability and the uppercase gave me a sense of new found strength. I loved how for Leesie's thoughts all of it was in chat or poems.How you were never told what was happening to her outright, how it was always told in poetry really spoke to me.I get how Michael was all broken up about the hurricane, but he was more moody than a girl with PMS and it was really starting to piss me off. It was obvious that they both needed the other-maybe thats why I hate the ending so much-but OMG get a freaking grip. She's doing the best she can, he should have respected that more. I didn't really get that Isadore was a hurricane until later in the book. I wish I got that sooner. There was a lotta things I wish I could change but its not my book.Oh, and I loved that she was Mormon!