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Oddily - Linda Pohring I didn't know a book could be this bad. I gave it one star when i really mean ZERO. Sorry, it was really really really bad. They was they (the characters) talked was SOOOO unrealistic. They are in HIGH SCHOOL-IN LOVE-it was REALLLLLLY bad. It was and array of 'oh im so ugly' 'oh im in a virtual game when nothing can happen to me' 'lalala im so innocent even if i talk more uptight than the senator of the freakin universe' 'oh i dont know what love is' 'oh my feelings for you have "SHIMMERED TO THE SURFACE"' It was bad bad bad. It wasnt even cute. It was BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD. Like four thumbs down bad. The cover was so cute though-HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. complete waste of $.99Im so proud that i didnt cuss :)