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Changeling - Philippa Gregory I love the things that are in the Mid-evil era. The excitement of the forbidden romances excites me. Unfortunately, this books romance was not really forbidden-neither was it exciting. It didn't even really present itself until the near-ending of the novel. When Philippa Gregory did finally show us the romance that she did so promise, she throws it at you, and none too kindly. She uses words like 'desire' but she doesn't show is the desire. She shows us-the readers-want. That is an entirely different thing than desire. Desire is a hidden spark that ignites in your heart that consumes you until you meet the water to quench the thirst of the flame. No desire.The book was also really slow. It was a constant pace that never slowed down or sped up. I don't like books that jump from one thing to the next without even given the previous thought room to breathe-but I also don't like books that stay on one thing forever. CHANGELING was the latter. Also the book title really held no importance to the story what so ever(except for one BRIEF occasion) and the book cover really doesn't fit the story except for the time period.The ending was also unfinished.I would award this book 2 stars and a half in total. It was more suited for readers lower level than me, but I guess I have nothing to complain about since it was a free, quick read.