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The Girl - Lola St.Vil Beware of spoilersOkay, um, uh, no. So here's the thing to two main characters are cheaters. Both of them. Two-timer. They were the only characters in the book I hated. Hell, I liked the antagonists more than I liked them.Emmy (main girl) has an immediate, utter and irreversible love for Marcus (main guy). She is obsessed but he has a girl friend so she try's (and fails miserably) at trying to stay away from him. Then she ends up kissing him. Oh my. I feel really bad for Marcus's girl friend. I understand her anger and everyone is ganging up against her. I mean come on! She's one one who's being cheated on and she STAYS FAITHFUL TO HIM!!! Grr.Then, of course, Marcus go's to Emmy in her bedroom (not like that guys) and tells her that they should be together. Of course, like any sane girl, she asks if he'd break up with his girl friend. He says no, that he'll just date the two of them. WTH!?!She's all like 'okay. cool. totes. that fine.'THEN near the end of the book Reese, who has apparently had a thing for her forever, confesses his love to her and they make out. She gives him an angel hickey (glowing hair) Marcus finds out and gets all jealous. omg guys....really? Then...Reese thinking that she'll be faithful to him, saves her, and ends up dying for her. I wanted to kil - kick something.So yeah. No idea why this got such good ratings.Sorry.