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Ordained - Devon Ashley In the beginning it was like the author couldn't decide who's perspective to tell the story from. It was really annoying. Like really. Really annoying. Yeah. So. Umm. My favorite character is Abby. Through everything she's been though, all the abuse-both physical and emotional- she's still strong, fiercely protective, compassionate and caring. It really humbles(?) you. Refreshing. She and Noel they are just such a perfect pair. He calms her and she makes him stronger for everything. They would do anything to protect the other. And although there wasn't a bunch of romance, I liked it. Surprising, huh? Oh, it needed more by the way. It really freaked me out...Valerie. I loved her, but she sort of stole Abby from Emily. I just don't really know what to make of Emily. I really don't.