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Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter See my full review on http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/ and follow me!!I can't tell you how much I loved this book. I seriously laughed out loud so much while reading it-and my family can testify to that! Okay, so basically this book has three major themes: discovering who you really are, love or lust and friends can change and won't always last forever. The last one's not as present as much as the other two though.Love=DerekLust=LucasKylie is dealing with a super hard time right now. Her parents are getting a divorce but she doesn't understand why. (she finds out later in the novel though) Her supposed Ice Queen mom and 'perfect' dad (my eyes are rolling here) seemingly don't want her anymore and send her off to a camp for 'troubled' teens-which is really a camp for supernaturals. Through this a ghost plagues her night terror and her reality. At the camp she sorta discovers who she is-not what, and get's caught is a really well portrayed love triangle. (Lucas&Kylie&Derek)Personally I'm team Derek all the way...well almost all the way. Hey rivers are really nice....And although her ex Trey and her ex BFF Sara are in the book a bit, they don't really play a huge part in it. I liked that.I thought the cover was really fitting. Now I'm kinda digging deep here. Kylie is standing in the middle of a tree with a fork. Kinda like a fork in the road, yah know? It kinda symbolizes that things are gonna change and she's gonna have to choose-she can't have both. Mom or Dad. Old friends or new ones. Old LIFE or new one. To stay at the camp or go. Lucas or Derek. All of these are choices and yeah, tree in half, her in the middle. And besides that, it's just a really cool cover. I'm just little ol' me. Appreciating the deeper meaning.So yeah. 4 Stars