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Dearly, Beloved - Lia Habel Zombies in a modern Renaissance Era? Yes, please! I had amazingly high hopes for this book since the first one exceeded what I thought it would be. Sadly, this book did not meet them. I thought the book was told from way too many perspectives. I would have liked to have just Bram and Nora's perspective. I though having Laura, Mink and Micheal's POVs were unnecessary.Also, I wish we saw Bram and Nora together a bit more. (LOVE the ending by the way)I love Smoke! He's this destructive creature that is tamed by Nora, or as he calls her 'Book Girl.'I was very disappointed in Coalhouse. It made me sad. Honestly, I really liked him in Book One and in this one he just kind of fell apart.I adore Bram. I like how he thinks of Nora as utterly adorable but as tough as nails. He's just so cautious around her. It was super cute how he didn't tell her he loved her because he didn't want to scare her off. So like 3.5/5 stars for meFULL REVIEW SOON TO COME ON MY BLOG: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/