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Honey, Baby, Sweetheart - Deb Caletti Find my full review on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Let's just start with this: I hate Travis.His ego is bigger than the sun and he has no regard for the people around him. He sees people as accessories with no feelings what so ever. Travis sees the world as his play ground and the people of it his for the choosing. It drives me insane. When he finally meets his match he sees some one he can do everything with. And I mean everything. And anything. But, Travis, he's critically insane. Riding a motorcycle 100+ MPH? Holding some one underwater when they can't breathe? Jumping in front on trains? Oh, and did I mention Stealing?So what does Ruby see in him? She sees and escape. The whole time she thinks shes falling for Travis. She thinks shes falling in love with some one who puts her life at risk on daily basis. What amazes me is her ability to go along with it. To go along with everything shes doing wrong, that she knows is wrong. She has a need for speed. She needs to feel the rush. And Travis's motorcycle does that for her.Shes not falling in love with Travis.Shes falling in love with Travis's motorcycle. I thought it was ironic. Ruby and her mother are so alike its laughable. They both want an escape. They need to be loved but they both fall in love with something replaceable. For her mom, its Ruby's Dad's guitar. In the end, their both on the mend.--I laughed so many times in this book. Everybody in this thing doesn't take life one bit seriously. I loved it. Ruby and her mom are discussing moving on in this one scene. And her mom is all like you've got to talk to him. So she does and she tells him to fuck off. And her moms all impresses. My mom would be appalled if that word came out of my mouth.--In all I thought the books characters were all a bit shallow and annoying. If I had the choice I would nto read this again.