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Glimmer - Phoebe Kitanidis Find this review and more on http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Wow, ghosts take on a whole new meaning. Not only are they making the residents of this seemingly perfect town act like they're doing more than just coffee... The ghosts that haunt the town are controlled my a truely e.v.i.l master who is distracted only by the woman he married, abandoned and still lusts for. Yup, that's completely normal. Perfect.When two seemingly perfect strangers (hint hint, they're not) wake up in bed together, No no no not like that. Shush your dirty, filthy mind, they have no recollection of, well, anything. They are lost in a world they cannot call their own and rely on people they're supposed to know for memories that don't even seem like theirs.I liked this book because it was so out of the ordinary and totally not what I was expecting. People turned zombiefied by ghosts? Check. A love story entwined in saving the only thing they never really knew? Check. Lost memories and stolen hearts? Double check.So you my fellow readers will find in these pages a love (kinds) triangle unlike any other. To each other they are insanely protective, caring and loyal. They are the only two in the town who can really save the town from the cruel facade of perfection and turn the town into something worth knowing. My Complaints:The title makes no sense. None. Unless I missed something....Did I miss something?Dude....gimme some more romance. The book revolved around the town and hardly at all around them. Jackie need more romance. Por Favor?