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Enclave - Ann Aguirre Find this review and more on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Omg. I finished this book in one day and dude...I was amazed. Beware: there are spoilers in this rantIn the beginning it felt like she was alone, even among her friends and when she was paired with Fade...it was like the whole one and the same thing going on. It was nice. And later when she saved Stone-I was amazed by how easily they..I don't know. Gave her up? Betrayed her? Forgot the history they had with her? I was disappointed in them none the less. Fade and her were just that: Fade and Deuce. They were unstoppable and were two halves of a whole. But, I'm not sure if what they had was love. Yah know? It was more like a partnership. When he sorta declared his feelings for her and she didn't really know how to respond...he walked away. She said she felt that she was disappointing him. Then they met Stalker. Well not really met..more that captured and then welll.....This is where my emotions get torn in half. Team Stalker or Team Fade? I just don't know. Dove. How cute of a nickname is that? And the reason he gives??? Oh, yes. (:She teaches him how to read. He teaches her more ways to fight......then he says he loves her because they are both hunters. I do not like that reason.Ugh.Just go away. I have no idea anymore.....