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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Soon to be on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/First of all: Kai, I wish to slap you. Hard. On your face. Repeatedly. Idiot-_- CINDER WARNED YOU!!!Second of all: Wolf- You are amazing. You are not the bad guy. You and Scarlet= perfectionThird of all: Although Scarlet is a real bad ass- Cinder you, sweetie, are still my favorite. Even though now.....-_- KAIOkay time for the rant:Haha, so I was all bat crazy for this book, bugging my librarian like everyday for a week. Anyway, this book, sadly, did not live up to expectations. But Wolf did (;This is the kind of book you want to curl up with some Tagalongs (hey it is Girl Scout season afterall) and just read read read till the book is over. But, the emotions and attachment I felt for the characters in Cinder just weren't there in Scarlet. Pooh.Hummsie, I don't really know what to say.Uhhhh okay. So I loved the who Red Riding Hood origination in this. And, dude, Grandmother was AWESOME!!! Lunar boyfriend anyone? Picture this: Captured by the enemy, staying silent for the only thing left you have worth living for-Your granddaughter. You have an idiot son and the one you love the most falls for the one who captured you and held you here to be tortured.Ahh and then there's wolf. Some one sent on a mission and never imagined falling in love: Alpha Female? Yes, Please. Haha and I love how Cinder's old life was incorporated in this one. Cinder is by far the strongest character. She has her best friend in a ship.....literally. Another guy....maybe? Nah. And shes a princess who has a price on her head AND to top it all off, her aunt wants to kill her.Ohhh I really wish I could tell you (.......) but I don't wanna have to put a spoiler alert on this.It's dramatic. And you'll hate Kai. Forever.