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Looking for Alaska - John Green Soon to be on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/And I will never see rain the same way againLast Words....how cool!I go to seek the great perhapsLabyrinths of LifeOK now that that's out of the wayI was expecting so much more of you Mr. Green. TFIOS was ten shades of awesomeness and this one well it just wasn't. Nope.If I read this before TFIOS I probably wouldn't have read the best book in the history of tragedy and author hating-ness (TFIOS)Okay so basically I learned that:If you rat someone out you will get pee in your shoesTeenagers have obsessions with porn and sex...hmmm I'm a teen...and I don't. Again thanks so much. This book was an ehhh,,,, blah.....grrr and made me just want to slap all of these horrible characters.Was I supposed to like Pudge? Feel sorry for him? Love him?Was I supposed to like Alaska? Feel sorry for her? Look up to her?WHY DID PUDGE HAVE THIS ODD OBSESSION WITH HER???Honestly this book could have been so much better. It really could. Sad face. None of the characters grew at all.....Booh