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Hollow - Richard Denney See this rant and more on my blog: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Well now I'm intrigued and I want this damn thing finished but noooooo its just a manuscript. -_- thanks world. thanks so much. fall in love with the first 100 pages and now i wanna scream. I want it soo damn bad. plz oh plz oh plz just finish the freakin book. por favor. i will fangirl for you! i want this fiiinnished. what is the old lady gonna talk about? what really happens when their 'married off'? why is the baby fake? Will she and Tristan be together? Whats the deal with Alec? Whos the ghost and why can only she see it? who left her the message? GIVE ME MORE TRISTAN! who alecs boyfriend? whats with ivy? why are the ghosts eyes bloody like the girl that she and Tristan talked about? GIVE ME MORE!!!!