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Freak of Nature - Julia Crane http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/I read an expert of the book a while ago and have been waiting for this for what seems like forever. Kaitlyn is such a strong character. After all shes been through she has the ability to hope, to be herself (even if she doesn't know who that is), she has emotions. I though their love was a little too fast. It was like as soon as he found out she had emotions and could feel after all they had done to her, he wanted to make out with her. Honestly, even though I found their love sweet, I found him annoying. Oh yeah he's doing it all for her good-but hes also stealing away what she has left of humanity. Bleh. After this book I have a new appreciation for:pinky-promisesfacial expressionsmemoriesand just humanity in generalKaitlyn/Cassidy/Kate is not bitter at all. I love how shes all formal and has no clue what all the slang words mean. It hilarious hearing her trying to figure them out.Rating: 3.5