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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin Published to: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Miss Mara Dyer, I like you. I have a feeling we are going to be amazing friends who will conquer the world and rid the universe of gremlins. Pesky little suckers, they got into my book pile yesterday, yah know?Mara's 'friends' are dead. Why? She just thinks she got lucky-the only one of the four who survived that trip into the old, abandoned psych ward. But she's not. She's so much more than she thinks. She suffers from PTSD. Normal, right? They more to the glorious humidity of Florida. There she meets a man who abuses a dog. She calls animal rescue. Moments after leaving him-he's dead. She's made friends with the school crazy (who by the way, is the only sane person in that school) has the most popular girl after her head and the popular guy chasing her like a love sick puppy.Mara thinks she's fallen too far to get back out of the hole she's fallen into.She's not.She thinks she's doesn't have the ability to fall in love after all she's been through.She can.The only way anyone will ever find out what happen the night of the psych ward. Everything comes with a price and sometimes, it's better to just...not know.Okay world, I might just absolutely love this book. It's got all these twists and turns. It has Noah, a hot guy who just want to be with you- to make you happy and figure out what you're hiding and help you mend. It has Jamie. That's enough said. He is freaking amazing. I love him. And the END. OMFG dude. Was not expecting that. The ending will leave everyone peeing their pants and in shock.