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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/I have to admit, I was kinda against this book. The synopsis almost made me not want to read the book. It was strange. But, here I am, happy to admit that this book surprised me in the best kind of way. I loved it. Simple as that.The 'black handprints' in the summary mean almost nothing to this book at all. Prague-how cool of a setting is that?! I have never, with the exception of this on, read a book set in Prague. Let's start with this: Karou, the girl with blue (yes blue) hair knows nothing about her gruesome, beautiful, and startling past. She goes on errands for Brimstone, a chimera. On these errands she collects teeth. From both the dead...and the living. Human, animal. Let's rewind a bit. This blue-haired girl with the hidden knife in her boot and a necklace that grants her every wish, has no idea who she is.And then there's Akiva. *sigh* He's an angle. No seriously he's an angle. Mortal enemy of the chimera. THIS IS VERY MUCHO IMPORTANT!!! Let's just go with this is love at second sight. The first time (sorta) he tried to kill her. Way to put the moves on her, buster. Nice. Girls always fall for the ones who have a fancy for killing humans who aren't really human. Anyways, they then fight each other, fall for each other and find out who Karou really is. Who is she? That is the question, the plot and is the very thing that could either push them together or pull them apart.