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Sixteenth Summer - Michelle Dalton Review found on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Let's describe this novel in one word, shall we? Adorable.They fell hard, fast and deep. Their love was a rude awakening as far as first loves go. They fell in love in a sweet paradise. It was the whole like at first sight scene. They saw each other at the beach, locked eyes and it just went downhill from there. She was from the beach and he was from...well he was from New York. I don't know how to describe this book really, other than sweet. It was a cute, light fun read with an ending that you'd have to be crazy to like. But you know it's going to end that way. A disaster of a first love. A beautiful, perfect disaster that you wouldn't trade for the world.They fell in love between candy and ice cream, Valentines Day and the Fourth of July, the city and the beach. They knew more about each other than they did themselves. They hunted crab and fish and went to The Swamp. I loved it. I devoured it. It was sweet. But, of course, summer had to end. Eventually. And with it brings heart break.The only thing I would change is have more of a hook in the beginning. Yeah. Bye.