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Dream Chaser - Angie Stanton *Author Provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review*Full review on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/p/review-archive.htmlHow. Friggin. Adorable. This is hands down one of my new favorite contemporaries!After a terrifying fall, one girl does all she knows how to do. Run. Run away from her fear, her disaster, and immerse herself in something new. Which just happens to be dancing, something that she ran from years ago when her friend decided he wanted to be more than friends and shocked her. I love how this book was written. The flow was incredible and the emotions!! GAH!!! I loved this soooo much. And hello! Perfect book boyfriend :3Been needing one of those of late. The chemistry! The director! The (horrible) best friend whom I have no idea she is still trying to be friends with her! The conquering of the fear of heights! The lights!Did I mention I'm in love with this book(me to book) Marry me? (The book said yes....so did Eli)YAY!!!Erm. Yeah read it(:-Jackie