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Pull (Seaside, #2) - Rachel Van Dyken *publisher provided in exchange for an honest review*http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/How do I review books like these? I can tell you I did like this book MUCH better than the first. The characters have grown, the writing has grown, the author has grown. It's really cool when you can see changes as an author writes more books, and in this one, you can definetly see it. There were less grammatical mistakes and a wider range of words used.I think I liked this one more because the characters, Demetri and Alec, knew who they were more. In Tear they still were scarred and seriously messed up. They were both so self destructive and it was hard to read, but it was worth it. Alec found himself in Tear and Demetri finds himself in Pull. Demetri thinks he is totally screwed up and is doomed to be eternally unlovable. But this book is about finding yourself and falling in love with the most unlikely person, right? So he has to be at least a little likeable. And he is.And then there's Alyssa. He doesn't know it yet, but she's just as broken a him. Everything in Seaside is so twisted in lies and hope, desperation and love that everything that happens is so confusing. Nothing makes sense, to them at least. The reader will be laughing at the utter stupidity and embarrassment. And the random One Direction on the radio. Both of them, Demetri and Alyssa are just so used to living in guilt and addiction that they don't really know any other ways. They help each other heal. Both of them are broken but love each other. But then there are wicked secrets that you wouldn't believe. I mean major shocker....~read full review on http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/