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If I Stay - Gayle Forman This was a beautifully written tale of life in between death and reality. Through out this book there were flashbacks and then she would see things through her spirits eyes. It was a fresh take on the spirit world that I'm really not used to experiencing. It was kinda like magic. In the real world she and her boyfriend were soul mates, but they were growing apart and didn't realize how much they needed each other. Her almost death made them both realize how much they needed each other, how what they felt wasn't just a passing faze. The deaths of her family: I felt like I was supposed to cry, but there wasn't enough detail and getting them to go off of. I mean yeah, I totally loved them and they were an amazing addition. Addition. Notice how I didn't say character. In truth, I felt more connected to her grandparents than her parents. Her brother though.....I wanted to cry. So bad. But the tears wouldn't come. I think I may have been in shock although I sorta was expecting it. Her boyfriend....Jesus Christ.. He was just what the story needed. Together they were the odd couple but they complimented the other perfectly. And the ending was a major cliff-hanger, but it was the good kind. It was the kind that makes you hope.Overall, I wish this book had more emotion. It was a good, easy read though.