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When You Were Mine - Rebecca Serle Find this review and more on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.comHeartbroken. That's what Rosie feels when Rob chooses her cousin Juliet over her. The day after they went on a date! The nerve.... Yes, the story line stays true to the original Romeo and Juliet storyline. And I am so freaking happy for that. Wanna know why? I can't tell you or I totally would. I have no self restraint so I read the end of the book as soon as I got it in my hands. (hardcover, new for $3, yes, I am bragging) And the ending is perfect!! I would not change it for the world. “Sometimes...the hardest part about letting someone go is realizing that you were never meant to have them.” Rosie had just gotten the guy she's been wanting for pretty much forever. Rob. The only person she felt she was truly herself with. Even with her friends she felt like she was an actor with lines she had so say, a script she had to follow or the production would be ruined. Rob. The one person she even really wanted. Stolen. Stolen by none other than her cousin. Rob went insane for Juliet. She was his obsession and he was hers. “They died together; they'll always be remembered together. It's decided, once and for all. He was hers.” I do wish they elaborated on the whole 'Rob and Juliet' thing. We as the reader got to see a smidget of the scenes but they lacked emotion and the true feeling of heartbreak. It was more like an ultimate betrayal. Her best friend/ almost boyfriend and her cousin. But they weren't meant to be, Rosie and Rob. She was mean to be with someone who knew her favorite candy and used study sessions as an excuse to hang out with her. Who got a black eye from Rob...for her. Who made her realize who she was, what she wanted, and that maybe some things just aren't meant to be and that 'thinking about it', ugh. Don't do that. All before they went on an actual date. I do wish her and her new (and forever) love got more scenes together. Maybe even a book from his perspective??? Please!? Oh, and this said mystery boy, is my new book boyfriend. He is just all kinds of perfection.