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Welcome to the Darkness - L.M. Justus * I received this copy for a blog tour: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/ *3.6Action packed with an all too real (or as real as it can get with a mind reader and vampire) romance that will leave you breathless and begging for book 2. I was lucky enough to get selected to do this book tour. I love book tours. How does it get better than reading a book and helping an author? I really don't know *shrugs* Well as I stated above, this book is beast. I liked the beginning, loved the middle and liked the end. How does this happen? Why did I like the middle best? Because it is (finally) when Reed (love the name by the way) and Sarah were like 'ohmigosh, we like each other! wait-really?' This book was a little too cute to a 'vamp out to destroy the world book'. Whoo scary. Yeah, not so much. But hey, for the inner homicidal crazy vampire in all of us there is a little killing. And insane sisters. I can relate to this one. The insane sister, not the homicidal vampire. I really enjoyed the descriptions in this book. They were vivid and life like and I loved it! Yay! The story line was really well thought out and there were lots of details (like the humans and zombies) thrown in that really made the story. Also, as evil as this sounds, I love the ending.