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Ten - Gretchen McNeil See this review and more on http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Ok. Um. Wow. Nice job. This is a seriously unique book that is based off of another book. That you Ms. Librarian-best-friend for informing me of its based-off-another-bookness. But no seriously guise I was not expecting to like this. And yes. TJ was the only character I actually liked in this book but hey now, he was so worth it.And the diary dude. Hell yes. All mysterious and such. My one complain is that I thought this book would be scarier. And it wasn't. At least not by my standards.It was strannge how everyone's death made everyone dig deeper into themselves. And dude they all had a dark side. It's like a monsters in all of them. Creepy. And I will not be partying on an island accessible only by ferry without my parents knowing and no cell service anytime soon. No siree. Nope. Not my cup a tea.And I'm sorry, but I really hate Minnie. She annoyed the crap out of me. And yes I know (...) stole her meds but COME ON! Sorry. Just. Shut. Up.Oh and did anyone see the movie Warm Bodies? No? You need to see it. It will make you appreciate inner dialogue.Wow that was random.