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The Way We Fall - Megan Crewe http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/The Way We Fall reminded me of the app PLAGUE. The basics of this insanely addicting app is to mutate your virus/ bacteria/ biological weapon so drastically that humans can't build a cure fast enough. So the goal is to kill the entire human population off. Fun right? I won on my first try *proud smile* One day, everything is normal, the next someone you know is dead. This book is written like a journal. At first Kae is writing is to she Leo that she can become a good person again, to show her best friend that she can turn back into herself. After the dead start rising and people she knew and loved are dead or gone, she begins to write it like observations. Almost like the journal is her legacy. “This is what we do. We make tea and read books and watch people die.”In the midst of this she finds friends and some one to love.Kae: In the summary it says bravery. I didn't actually think she was all that brave. Yes, she called people to inform them of the lock down and the virus that is pretty much destroying their entire population. But she does all that on the phone. Yes, she helps with food distribution and such, but she's doing that to feel better and distract her from all the dead. It felt like her situation with Gav was more of a situational romance than anything else. They were together because they had no on left.With every death she sunk deeper and deeper into herself. Meredith is her little cousin and just the cutest thing ever. She's also the one person Kae would do anything to protect.Gav: This boy has a serious hero complex. He feels that he has to do everything and if he doesn't he's failing someone. Well, everyone. He feels it's his mission to save his island and ultimately save the world. I do think he really fell for Kae. He was likeable, but no book boyfriend here. Pooh.Overall, I give this book like a 3.4 I didn't fall (haha) for it and it didn't make my world spin. It was fine. Average. It was a book about survival and losing hope. It was about death and destruction and how a few people can help. It was about running and falling and hope. This book was the essence of hope. Because if everyone's falling around you, if you don't hope, you'll fall too whether it by your hand or something else's. “Most people think the scariest thing is knowing that you’re going to die. It’s not. It’s knowing you might have to watch every single person you’ve ever loved – or even liked – waste away while you just stand there.”