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Fallon - Valerie Zambito 2.5http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/ This is gonna be a quickie review people. Ahh... insta-love at it's finest. As soon as Kade sees Fallon, he's in love. No, I'm not kidding. He freaking proposes to her a few days after meeting her. Hahahahaha. Uhm. I'll pass....Fallon dies and becomes a protector of good on earth. She get's her wings chopped off and declares that she will be loyal to serving good for as long as she can possibly can. This assignment is different than the others because she is not only the hunter but the hunted. I wasn't particularly fond of Fallon or Kade. They were both..they were almost naive. It was a little strange. Everything in this book was very straight forward and very rushed. Rushed in a book is one of my major pet peeves. So is insta-love. *sigh*This book and I just weren't compatible. The ending was very uniformed and rushed. Their relationship felt fake and desperate. (this is all in my opinion) yes, they were in love, but I would have liked them to take their time and not, I don't know....Anyways. Not for me.