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Enshadowed (Nevermore, #2) - Kelly Creagh 3.5http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/I just love the way Kelly Creagh writes. She's always a bit ahead of the reader and the way she writes is addicting. Varen's dreamworld is both haunting and beautiful. Lilith has him trapped there just like she has had so many before. Isobel's 'mission' is to save him before he becomes part of the nightmare he's created. The one question (which Gwen voiced) that rang in my head throughout the book was didn't he want it? To be trapped in a world besides his own? Away from his father? You can't be stolen into Lilith's realm, you have to want it. Even just the tiniest bit.Enshadowed focused more on Isobel facing her demons and getting to Varen more than anything else. Which is fine by me...I just would have liked a bit more Varen. I was also super surprised with how much Pinfeathers grew on me in this book.Overall, this was a lovely book and I cannot wait for the next. Because THAT ENDING. I HAD TO RE READ IT LIKE 20 TIMES.