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Wings of Nestor (Solus, #3) - Devri Walls Wh-what?!?! IT'S NOT PUBLISHED YET!???? A-are you joking me? And there's not a set release date??? WHYYYYY DO YOU HATE ME SO????? I HAVE TO KNOW WHO SHE CHOOSES!!! *Alcander*(sobbing into pillow) *sniffle* *hiccup* THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY ENTIRE 15 YEARS OF EXISTENCE!!!Gimme da book por favor....I mean LOOK AT THAT COVER!!!!!________***Devri Walls just sent me an ecopy in exchange for an honest review on my blog: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/ I think I'm going to pee in my pants O.O I love life(:***Goodreads just erased my ENTIRE review. It was a long really thought out review too. Fml -_-Let's try this again.....Kiora has been to hell and back. Just months before she found out that she was supposed to save her entire world from The Shadow, a dark force working to destroy all that is good in the world.She gained a royal protector, gained powers that no other can match. She has fallen in love with that protector and he with her. She has had to choose to kill either her sister or the protector. Kiora has had to discover who she is, what she wants and how be Be Herself in a matter of months. Kiora has had to defeat an evil (very, very evil) brother. She has won the respect of all that is left of goodness in her entire world. In the second book she meets a lovely man named Alcander whom I would very much like to be real. *CAUTION: prepare for major fangirling* I absolutely are Alcander. He didn’t tell Kiora about the whole bonding thing so she could choose who to love without feeling guilty. If she didn’t choose him he would be forever alone. Literally. He was bonded to Kiora and only Kiora until the day he died. He was willing to risk his happiness for hers. And he deserves happiness. His uncle murdered his entire family, attempted to wipe out his entire race and stole his crown. Oh, Alcander is supposed to be King. I just love him so much. Alcander treats Kiora like an equal, he doesn’t treat her like she’s made of glass, he honors her decisions and lets her make them on her own. Round of applause anyone?! Kiora has to make a choice: to avoid her destiny or face it head on, Emane or Alcander (I think I’ve made my opinion clear of this subject), to embrace who she is or try to run from her power. She’s just lost. She has seen more than anyone is her world will see in a lifetime. More death, more destruction, more evil. She’s had to make decisions that nobody would want to make. She has so much weight on her shoulders that she is close to crumbling beneath. Who will be there to hold her up? She has so much responsibility for someone so young and innocent. This series is gripping with its take on the world of dragons, shapeshifter and magic. It perfectly entwines the love triangle in so that it isn’t annoying but everyone will be one either one side or another. Wings of Nestor left me needing more…and this was an ARC. What am I going to do until the next one? This one isn’t even published yet!*sigh* Ahh the life of a book nerd is a hard one indeed...