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When You Were Here - Daisy Whitney 2.5http://nobentspines.blogspot.com/This was given to me by KPSimmon and by no way did this influence my opinionWhy hello there lovely bloggy world. This is a really difficult book for me to review...so beware. I honestly don't have that much to say about Daisy's book. For those of you who actually look at the section to the right of the book, you probably are wondering why I gave this book a 2.5 when there are so many raving, 4 star reviews of this book. I mean a lot. I think I could scroll for an infinity and see nothing but. Well here it goes: this book just didn't keep me interested. Why, you ask. The writing was good, it really was, but the story line was rather annoying I found Danny's voice depressing. I need happiness people. I have school. I like uplifting books during the school year. I'll read the drama-filled depressing books during breaks and in the summer He is just so angry. At what? At his mom for leaving so early and so close to graduation. At being alone. At Holland for breaking up with him. At life.I found myself skipping chapters in this book. (goodness that made me feel guilty) Y'all know I hate doing that. *sigh* I love Sandy, the dog. That dog is pretty amazing and the description of Tokyo was pretty awesome. The writing was really good and very well thought out, I just wasn't in the mood for the book, I guess. Rawr.Here is where I put some quotes because I don't know what else to say: “Because this is what I believe - that second chances are stronger than secrets. You can let secrets go. But a second chance? You don't let that pass you by.” “ Trains are all the ways you miss each other—wrong train, wrong tracks, wrong time. ” “Life is short, and life is beautiful, and everything is lovely. Love it, embrace it, smell the lilacs, play with the dog, and love endlessly and fiercely with everything you've got. Live without regret.”