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Surface - Tiffany Daune *Author Provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review*Full Review on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/UGH I had a full freaking review and then I accidentally pressed the back arrow. fmlHere we go again... Ahhh...insta-love at its finest. I usually don't like the REAL LOVE in 24 seconds kind of love. Okay I didn't for like 4 pages of this one either..then I fell in love with the style and ultimate dedication to each other they had. Kinda awesome, you know? Sirens are not like anything I've ever read in this book...Sirens: noun- A creature of which both human and mermaid blood courses through its veins. A siren has the ability to both live on land and in water. If one is to be discovered, the act of living is punishable by death. I have a new appreciation for seaweed and its amazing healing powers. Here's What Happens:So basically the a girl who think shes human get stolen from her bed, tossed in the ocean, chewed on by mermaids and gets rescued by a super cute merman prince (insert insta love here)She saves a few people Wow. This books is actually pretty uneventful...For a short book (about 170 pages) it didn't feel too rushed. Too much. The Characters: I liked them. Ms Daune gave you just enough of them for you to fall in love with them. She gave you just the right amount of them to make you want them to live and have their happily ever after.