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The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys - Posted also on http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Well, let's just start out with books make me make horrible decisions. I am so freaking tired right now. So much that you cannot, my dear reader, even comprehend. *yawns* (my face just fell in a bowl of yogurt if you're wondering) Okay, well I guess I better get to reviewing this book. I loved it even though it confused the crap out of me. The whole obsession, half-dead people, boyfriends-who-are-not-boyfriends, and creepy teachers and relatives thing just messed me up. So basically this girls kiss kills. Its not poison or anything. When she kisses her twoo love, that is basically a prediction that he will die. Who is going to die (or is already dead-ish)? Gansey. (You might think this is a 'oh that is such a spoiler' but, people, it's really not at all. Blue (awesome name by the way) is my favorite character by far in this book. She's a strong female lead and I like it. She doesn't take anyone's shit and speaks what she thinks. She does what she thinks is right. I love the latin trees and all the AMAZING (I even spelled it right its so awesome) images she shows everybody. Mmmmm. Why in the world, Blue, are you with Adam. Okay so that might have been a teensy spoiler. Hey, I never said if she ended up with him. I just want her and Gansey together so bad. So bad. Even the trees are on my side! Even if I can't decide if I actually like Gansey yet. He's a bit of the...um...uptight-ish, richy, obsessed side. WITH GOOD INTENTIONS!I have a sneaky feeling that Ronan is creepier that he lets on. And he seems to be letting of a hell of a lot of creepy. Pet raven anyone?Well....let's just go with I have a feeling he'll make all the human sacrifice (yes, I did just type that) in this book seem minor. Ew. Fun stuff. Grape juice for and looking glass and Butternut. HeheAnyway, I definitely recommend this.