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Blood of the White Witch

Blood of the White Witch - Lacey Weatherford See full Rant on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Nonononononononononononononononono....yo-YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!! Nonononononnoonnononononono.Who ever said true love never dies is a LIAR!!! I effing hate you so much right now..you have no freakin idea how much I am crying...no idea.You are freakin putting me through an emotional roller coaster. I mean, here I am, SOBBING. Only a really well written book with true feeling can make me do that. I never cry. Ever. But, here I am sobbing and cursing the ground you walk on. I mean come on Vance+Portia FOREVER!!! Fine just leave me here to die....Cuz it is TOTALLY FINE to leave a teenage girl CRYING ON HER BED, INTO HER PILLOW cuz her heart has been RIPPED OUT and is being DANCED UPON and TOSSED INTO A FIRE while singing HAPPY SONGS!!!!!! Yup, totally fine. A-okay. )'''''''''': MY LIFE IS OVER!!!!!Oh and about the grandparents-I totally called that.4 Stars