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Cowboy Take Me Away

Cowboy Take Me Away - Jane Graves *Won on GR First Reads*This was nothing short of perfection. It was small town love that rocked each of their world in a HUGE way. They were both in total denial that they were in love (totally obvious) because of what happened more that 11 years ago. This was smooth, sweet, lovely, passionate and well....adorable. It was like they were running in circles around each other. It (the book) had plenty of laugh out loud moment, plenty of toe curling moment and plenty of AWHHH moments. This book makes you fall in love with love. It makes you want to be in love and be loved. And most of all...it really makes you want a cowboy. Who's with me? Just me then? Fine. *shrugs*What can I say, I live in the South. Cowboys are a given. Totally cute, a perfect summer read for anyone who enjoys an adorable contemporary romance.