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The Avery Shaw Experiment

The Avery Shaw Experiment - Kelly Oram *Author Provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review*Find this review and more: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/p/review-archive.htmlToo freaking adorable. Let's do a bit of ranting here, shall we? After a long hard week of 13 & 17 year olds in love, I come home to this. The perfect fun, flirty, light, adorable read. Did I mention how perfect this was. There were moment (to which my family can contest) that I laughed so hard I almost peed myself, wanted to throw the kindle at the wall or into a fire. Maybe even melt a bit. Or a lot. Okay, I melted a lot. I love Grayson. He is mine. He is...something special. Even if it took one of the most awkward situation EVER for him to think of him as anything other than a non-related little sister. She's the geeky science nerd and Grayson is the oh so freaking cool senior who has had the whole school as his playing field, if you know what I'm saying. And to think all this happened because Aiden is a complete and total jerk face who I would like to kick in the face with a soccer ball. I rather dislike him and his....catty....girlfriend. Let's get back to the good stuff: GraysonHe is as I mentioned before, the ultra jock. But he's not stupid....necessarily. He's good at social science. It was adorable how he helped her with forgetting her hopeless crush on her brother...yeah..then somewhere in between he fell in love with her. And then she realized that maybe (wayyy towards the end) that she might like him too. Then of course they were stupid idiots who just cannot look each other in the eye with out mentally undressing the other. I mean-what? Avery is totally innocent. Almost. There was that one incident at the beginning of the book....That One Incident At The Beginning Of The BookA very nice incident indeedSo read it