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Partials - Now on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/First, I have to say, I adore this book. The connections in this book were pretty amazing. I'm going to do something new and I don't know if I'm gonna continue to do this. We'll see.Main Characters:Kira& Marcus (Samm?)JaydenXochiHaru & MadisonTovarThat was the new thing in case you can't see it. I always forget their names...Okay so here's the thing, I don't want Kira and Marcus to be together. They seem more like really good friends who have known each other forever and know all the others secrets. No. Sorry- that seems like a definition for a guy best friend. Not a guy you want to spend the rest of your life with. So yeah, I want Samm and Kira together. They've only known each other for a little while. And she experimented on him....no she gathered data. They protect each other. They will be together.Okay lets move onto Haru and Madison. In the beginning I liked Haru. In the end I wanted to strangle him. In the beginning I thought Madison was weak. In the end I wanted to hug her. (by the way, I don't do hugs so that is kinda a big deal)Jayden....I liked him. Towards the beginning I though that he kinda liked Kira, but later I saw that he thought of her the way he thought of Madison (sister-like) Oh and Madison and him are the only real related relatives left in the entire world.Xochi: I really don't have much to say about her. I liked her music obsession. And her trust in Kira.Tovar. I am so confused.Hummm. Okay what else is there to say without spoiling everything?? Eh. Not much.Partials have petroleum and humans don't......partials don't - nope wait. Can't say that......Samm be- nope can't tell you that either.Oh! I can tell you that Madison gets pregnant and that is mostly what sets Kira off.Okay, let's try this.Strongest Character: I think that Kira is by far the strongest and character. She risks everything so that people can have a future. She doesn't think of partials as the enemy, she just doesn't think of them as friends. Kira is a medic and she personally feels responsible for all the deaths of the babies she's is trying to save. She doesn't feel like she is doing enough. So, of course, she goes to capture what started everything. A Partial.Weakest Character: I think that Xochi is the weakest character because she lets her hatred for her 'mother' rule every decision she has. It's rather annoying.