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Wings of Arian: The Solus Trilogy

Wings of Arian: The Solus Trilogy - Devri Walls http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Ummmm, let's see, what do we have here? Hot protector? Check. Strong female lead that will save the world? Check. Lots of fantastical creatures that I wish lived here on our humble earth society? CHECK!Yup. This book has everything. I cannot believe I marked this as a 'maybe' on my Kindle. I totally wish I read it sooner. Yes, I did, indeed, devour it in one (yes, one) day. It was that good of a book. This book was all over discovering who you are, what you want and the power of choosing who you are and who you want to be. It has dragons *eeps!!!*So basically there is a lovely village girl who is going to save the world and fall in love with the prince (her protector). She can communicate with Pegasus and will lead an army of shapeshifters, guardians and loads of magical people. She has a purpose that not even she knows.To............So should you read this?Yes. If you don't....Then maybe life doesn't have a purpose anymore. Just saying. *shrugs*