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Of Triton

Of Triton - Anna Banks Just give me the book and no one gets hurt. Honey, May....no sweetie. Try nowThanks so much darling.http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/2.7Well hello there all you lovely people who happen to have popped by to read this review.This book is readable. It was readable but I liked it no where near as much as the first one. With Of Poseidon, I was obsessed. I was intrigued by the romance and the situation and who she was and who Emma was becoming. With Of Triton I was disappointed. Maybe if the first book wasn't so freaking amazing I wouldn't have had such astronomical expectations. But I did.Everything in Of Triton felt rushed. Not fast paced. Rushed. And if you have read some of my other review, you know this is one of my biggest pet peeves and the main reason I don't read novellas.Honestly, I liked the romance a lot better in Of Poseidon than in Of Triton. I did think that when Emma went down into the kingdom to sort of save Galen's world from their own stupidity, it was amazing. Anna did a really good job on that scene and it was by far my favorite in the book. Especially when she asked a by stander to pick a shark. *smirks* That was an amazinggg entrance.Let's face it. The book was short and over quick, but there were some points where I was like 'get on with it already!' For such a short, rushed read, it sure dragged on.As I said before, maybe if book one wasn't so fabulous I wouldn't have been so sad with the outcome. Even though I didn't like this as much I'm still looking forward to Of Neptune.