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Arclight - Josin L. McQuein *Thank you Greenwillow for sending me a copy of Arclight to read in exchange for an honest review*http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/I am going to try my hardest not to go major rant on all y'all. Try No promises. Wow. Why the hell did I wait so long to read this? I must be critically insane or something. Hmmm. Actually a possibility xD This book was a totally fresh idea, and one that was almost (I didn't like the ending) perfectly executed. There was romance and discovering yourself, a cool new setting. I loved the whole Light/ Dark/ Gray thing. Too cool. So in this book. You have Marina who survived the Fade. Twice. The whole question in this book is who are the Fade, what do they want, and what is really in the Dark. The Light (Human) society is taught to fear the Dark, the Fade. Safety is in the light, only the light. But, when a Fade comes looking for Marina, and doesn't want to hurt her. Marina questions everything she knows, or lack there of. She doesn't remember any of her life before Arclight brought her in and 'saved' her. You'll see why I put saved in quotations when you read this book. Because you will read this book. I really can't say much with out revealing the biggest thing in the story. It's my favorite part (its where the whole Self Discovery thing comes into play) Huh. Let's do a character list:Marina: She is such a strong character. Questions are unwanted in the Light, and Marina is asking all the ones she shouldn't: why the headaches, who are the Fade, who am I, why don't I remember anything from before? When Rue takes her into the Dark to find Cherish, his One True Love who was lost to the Light, Marina ends up finding a lot about herself along the way. And although I REALLY DON'T LIKE HER CHOICE IN THE END, I'll pretend I respect it. You know what, I will not pretend to like her choice. Her choice murdered me. Fade-Rue: Through everything, he fights for Cherish. He never stops looking for her. Not for one second. Not even for a millisecond. He loves her with all his heart. ALL OF HIS HEART. *shrugs* what can I say? Rue was by farrr my favorite character.Tobin This is an angry young lad whom I rather dislike, but Marina seems to like and he seems to be rather fond of Marina soo. Yeah. Whatever. *rolling my eyes and his childishness* I know some of y'all like him, but me? I'll pass... Okay! Fine! He grew on me and he grew in the book! Jeez. Y'all are harsh. Everyone grew in this book. It was nice. Lol. Okay! He was pretty cool and I can see his point of view. Cherish: She's lost and still waiting to be found. I have hopes. Overall, this was a gripping, fast-paced (not rushed) novel that is rather amazing. It didn't feel like 400 pages- what, it's dark outside? When you read this, you become totally immersed in the world of Dark/Light/Gray and it feels right. I don't know. There were laugh out loud moment, moments you blushed along with the character and moment where you wanted to scream WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES, HONEY! HE'S PERFECT, but you just quietly give the character the middle finger in your head. What-no, me? How silly?