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Random Acts of Crazy

Random Acts of Crazy - Julia Kent *book provided for blog tour http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/ *Wow. When you read this book, keep an open mind. I tried my best to. *shrugs* So here are my thoughts. Overall this book is about breaking free and a very random act of extreme craziness. Trevor, Joe and Darla are trapped. They're trapped by their parents, standards and even though it sounds really cheesy, society. Darla knows who she is. I'm pretty sure she's the only one in the book who does. She's extremely blunt, not afraid, strong and knows what she wants. But, she's also confused. She's been taking care of the family (her mom) for a while, and doesn't really know anything else. She has her escape place. And then she meets Trevor.Trevor has no idea what happened the night Darla picked him up on the side of the road stark naked with only a guitar. Only his guitar. Along the way they fall in love/lust. Then there's Joe. He came to save Trevor, but now Trevor doesn't want to be saved and Joe's not so sure he wants to be saved either....When you're finding yourself, you're going to trip and fall and if you aren't going to pick yourself up, then someone has to. You can't just lie there forever. This is a book about finding love in the most inconvenient and rather strange way. It's about what you will do to save it, what you will sacrifice for it, and how you live with it. It's about learning to be yourself and finding who you are. It's learning to see yourself in a new light. It's a coming of knowledge novel, filled with a strange love. Sometimes you can't choose who you love. Sometimes it'll take committing a random act of crazy to figure out what you want.Personally I don't like the love in this book. At all. So it's more of a 2.2 for me *shrugs*