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Fall From Love

Fall from Love - Heather London *gifted arc from author in exchange for an honest review*http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/This wasn't a rock your world love that will leave your body shivering. It was a love that helps them discover that ,sometimes ,to fall in love you have to forgive yourself.After the death of her one and only, Holly sinks into a black hole that even her best friend cannot pull her out of. Carter feels responsible for the death of Adam, Holly's boyfriend. When Holly's friend starts to date Carter's room mate, Carter and Holly are forced together, much to Holly's dismay and Carter's joy.As the guilt continues to eat up Cater, he and Holly are quietly falling in love. Both of them deny the obvious. Then the secret that everybody has been keeping from Holly for so long finally breaks loose and threatens to tear them (Carter and Holly) apart forever. Fall From Love is tragically cute. Carter and Holly have been through horrible incidents time after time, Carter more than Holly. He can't seem to catch a break. Friends...just friends? Poor, crazy, idiotic, guilty child. They just don't know what to do with themselves! I agree with the Best Friends. Choking on the sexual tension. *gasps for air*Through (almost) the entire book I wanted to shove Carter and Holly's faces together. They were just so.... broken but they made each other better. Fall From Love isn't just about finding the person you're meant to be with. It's also about discovering that maybe the person you've been looking for has been there all along.