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Stay with Me - Elyssa Patrick Thank you to Elyssa for providing me a copy to review!!!3.75http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Hailey has escaped her hectic, sleep deprived, media filled life along with her money seeking mother. Since she was a child her mom has used her to get back at her absentee father and at earn money. When Hailey's mother takes it a giant leap too far, she leaves. She does something she's always dreamed of: going to an actual school filled with actual people and not people paid to get a story out of her. At Hailey's first 'normal' college party, she runs into Caleb. Much to her surprise, he doesn't immediately go fan girl on her. He offers her his coat (they're outside) and even makes her introduce herself (like he doesn't already know who she is) For him, it's an ista love. For them both, it's instant attraction. Hailey's been betrayed and hurt too many times to count and trusting doesn't come easy. She is automatically friends with his sister, Daphne. Daphne brings some spice to the book. She's an awesome best friend. So here's what I think: The first few chapters of the book were painful for me to read. The writing was super stiff and on edge. It was almost as if Elyssa couldn't make a conclusive decision for the characters.Hailey's thoughts for the first few chapters are consumed with Caleb and how sweet he is and how she can't let herself get hurt. It was a little tiring to read. After that was over, it was very enjoyable to read. What I really liked was how much Elyssa's writing developed. By the end, the words flowed off the page and I began to like Hailey. She's been through a lot. The big secret. Huh. I was a little let down and I thought it would be a little more than that I guess.The whole relationship with Caleb and Hailey was conducted really nicely. I mean Caleb is amazing. He doesn't judge or assume and he listens. *sigh* He is totally sweet and genuinely nice and love blackberries and remembers that she likes tea and coffee and makes her chocolate chip pancakes and and and *double sigh*This book was an amazing combination of good and bad. It was filled with cute twists and likeable characters. Especially Caleb's band of best friends (Daphne, give the guy a break!) They all had their totally unique and cool personalities. Although they were all completely different, they complimented each other perfectly."With you, there's always music."