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Siege and Storm

Siege and Storm - 4.25http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/I love this book. There's no denying it. Siege and Storm is filled with a fate that would make a grown man cry, power that makes people cower in fear and love that will either crumble like the country around them or stand tall like the hope of the people. Leigh Bardugo creates a magical world filled with strange myths that are real and filled with ancient power that you don't want to leave for a second. As soon as the book ends, your left in a ditch, because after you read something as epic as this, however will you go on?Here's the thing with this book; there is no way I will be able to do it to justice it deserves. Darn. Might as well just give up now. HAHAHA. Uhm. No. That's not how I roll. In the second installment to this epic series our lovebirds are captured by the evil (but super sexy even if his brain is pretty much fried) Darkling. When the pirate that The Darkling has pain to grant him safe travels turns on him the world is saved and everybody lives happily ever after. The end. HAHAHA. Uhm. No. (ooh, that's two times in one review. Can you tell I'm tired?) Okay, now in all seriousness, this wanna be pirate is pure awesomeness and he is MINE. Back off *holds up a magic wand to ward off all other fangirls* In Siege and Storm Alina has to not only battle The Darkling, but also all she's ever known. She takes command of the second army and leads them into battle. Sturmhond (the awesomesauce pirate) has a brother who is ten shades of stupid. *rolling of my eyes* The Darkling is more powerful than ever with his evil (x100) little minions. I love how realistic all the emotions are this book. Leigh does a really good job at the whole self discovery in this. Alina is accepting herself and figuring out what it mean to be the Sun Summoner. The emotions and responsibility are very well balanced in this. Alina doesn't hide under the covers from the darkness that is consuming her home-she thinks about it a couple of times. I was really impressed. I mean I had seriously unrealistic expectations for this after book 1. I was pleasantly surprised that this exceeded them ten fold. The flow of this book was magnificent. If possible, her writing improved. Shocker O.O Bow down to the queen. Anyways, the flow. The scenes practically danced off the pages. Yes. Danced. That's how awesome this was. Also, the twins are awesome. Look out for them when you read (and you might as well order a copy now) this book.Now to stir up some controversy: I don't like Mal. *runs to hide under covers* Why? Okay, I think he seems desperate for what Alina used to be. He's wishing for the old one, not the new, more powerful one. He fears her power and wants her to be the way she used to be: weaker than him. When something goes bad...he...oh I can't tell you but it made me MAD. I was mad not because of what he did (even though it was WRONG) but because of how much he hurt Alina by doing it. I MEAN GET A HOLD OF YOU EMOTIONS MAN. WHAT ARE YOU? 3? And then she...and he....and they. OHMIGOSH.So yeah Sturmhond, he's pretty awesome, right? Wait-that's not a question. I love him *.*I need to talk about the book more and less fangirling, don't I?The book was breathtakingly beautiful and composed wonderfully. It showed the characters in their true colors whether they were weak or strong. The plot was strong and well written. I love this. *shrugs* I really don't know what else to say. Unless you want more fangirling...I can do that. Fine. I'll spare you.