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Dominion - *Publisher/Author gifted in exchange for honest review*Find more on: http://nobentspines.blogspot.com/Oh my captain underpants. Yes you read that right. This is how I looked by the end of the book 0.0Christ this was an action packed book. And it had spikes of (oh so lovely) romance. Yes, I did finish this is one day. How I love the weekend ☺I know what I'm about to say is strange but I actually like Tristan better than Gideon in this. Me falling for the angel instead of the demon? When does this EVER happen? I don't know either. Remember these two names while reading this book (cause you will read it): Sun and MoonThere's this girl and she's basically in WPP. Her dad is in the CIA and her mom is a fashion goddess. She's a prize fighter who cares too much and is very lonely. *sigh*I'm just gonna do a character listAbby- This is the girl who cares too much, can take down Army dudes fighting and is pretty bad ass. Oh, she's also the reason I don't like the ending to the storyTristan- I really wish he got more face time in this book. Yes, I know I was supposed to fall for Gideon and his bad boy trying to turn good for the girl his universe revolves around way....but what can I say? He did the whole Ultimate Sacrifice thing. I love him. Gideon- Yes okay! I like him! I don't love him, but I like him. I have a theory that I can't share with you cause it has a (I think) major spoiler. He's adorable, even when he wants to kill her and the whole need to be with her and kill anyone who even thinks about her. shut upThe writing was actually really nice too. Flowed really well. Humm....Not much else I have to rant about.Oh! The cover!Although I adore it ( I really do ) I'd have liked to see real people posing the characters. That's all for now!