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The Hazards of Skinny Dipping

The Hazrads of Skinny Dipping - Alyssa Rose Ivy *This ARC was provided for me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*Full review on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Okay, there is a really really good possibility that I was texting my best friend through the ENTIRE book. You would think that's a bad thing, right? Wrong. She can vouch for me, I was totally reading to bash some faces in, kick some balls, make out with a few guys and well...fall in love. With Reed. Hey he's all kinds of amazing. Dylan...how do I put this nicely?? Is a utter and complete bastard with perverted thoughts who cries a lot and thinks he's beast at sex when, in fact, he sucks. Juliet is an average girl who has a not so average list. One of the things on the list is skinny dipping. Now, this skinny dipping in the pool basically changes her entire college experience. All of it. Let's just go with he catches her in the act...did I mention she forgot a towel. Um, oops. Now, in college, they're together. And here is where I rant and may in fact give a few minor spoilers. Hey, this book got my panties in a twist. Dylan. Let's just go with I fucking hate him. He's arrogant, possessive, childish and rude. He's trying to control her. Not Juliet's fault you have trust issues mister. Let's go with a few incidents: The beach, the Kappa party, the handcuffs (yes, you read that right), and how can anyone forget the let's get drunk and fuck her friend incident? So is my hate in him just? Hell, yes it is!Reed. *.* Oh Reed, I love you. Please be mine forever? (He said yes, by the way)I love him. The whole time that Juliet is dating that jerk face he is quietly, respectfully, undeniably falling in love with her. I would just like to point out that Romeo and Reed start with the same letter. Coincidence? I think not. Reed saves her from total humiliation by his house (TWO HOUSES, AGAIN NOT A COINCIDENCE) and then he gets her a job at the pizza place his uncle owns. He is so protective of Juliet is freaking adorable. You can tell they're perfect for each other...but then...disaster strikes! No, I will not tell you. Go away. NO DON'T! I HAVEN'T FINISHED YET!So let's generalize. I love this book. The words totally make sense and they flow. This book could have easily been overdone..but it was perfection. It had this Romeo/ Juliet thing going on that I absolutely loved. The way they adored each other was something you had to wait for...but totally worth it. They completed each other in a way no other person would have ever been able to. When you think about college, you think a new life, parties, new experiences, new friends, a new beginning. That's what this was: a new beginning. Juliet was so stuck at first on her ties to home that she couldn't see that, maybe, what she always needed: the stability and comfort and love, was right in front of her. It was in the perfect gift wrapped package of Reed. Reed was what she needed.Last of all, this book was all about finding yourself. It's right. This wasn't some sappy summer romance. It was hard core, let's rock this world, one helluva love. If this is what life after high schools like, then hell, sign me up. I can't wait to find me Reed, my other half.