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Unbroken - Melody Grace Full Review on: http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/What I was expecting: an epic love story that would be kinda like Fallen too Far- a book which I adore. Adore.What I got: Not thatSO basically I can't decide if I need to bash Emerson's face in or just ruffle his hair. Juliet seemed so...desperate. It was really kinda pathetic. I honestly don't know why I'm being nice and giving it 3 stars. It has such amazing ratings. Disappointed to say the least.To be honest my favorite part was the prologue. The whole hurricane/summer breeze thing was beautiful and special and amazing. Buuuuut it gave me false hope about how amazing this book would be (it really wasn't)Okay. Emerson is supposed to be this drop dead sexy guy with a gorgeous body and half smile that makes you wanna jump his bones, right? So why is the supposed Emerson on the cover kinda wimpy looking? Or is it just me? I dunno anymore. Two bad books in a row is just too many for poor Jackie.... Other than the prologue, I didn't like it. BELOW IS A QUOTE FROM THE PROLOGUE. SEE? FALSE HOPE. “You see a hurricane coming, you run.” My mom told me, the summer I turned eighteen.“You shut the doors, and you bar the windows. Because come morning, there’ll be nothing but the wreckage left behind.”Emerson Ray was my hurricane.