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Keeping Her

Keeping Her - Cora Carmack http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Who doesn't love Cora Carmack? By now, everyone knows her name and her funny, heartfelt and utterly romantic stories. Keeping Her was no exception. We meet up with Garrick and Bliss in this novella. They're now engaged and going of to London (LONDON!!! OMG THE ACCENTS) to meet Garrick's parents. They are a reputation. Especially his mother. This novella mainly focused on the growth of Garrick and Bliss's relationship. And the (....insert a sorta spoily spoiler here that I can't tell you so haha you have to read it youself.....) The mother was scary and the dad had like the false persona of nice-ness, but Bliss is well, Bliss. She can charm anyone. But the whole point of this is can she charm them before they scare her away? Can Giarrick keep her? I loved how this was from both of their perspectives!!!*I love his friends...most of the time xD