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Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Rainbow. Her name made me pick up the book but the irreplaceable story of first love in the 80s made me keep reading. I'd never heard of her before, but I can guarantee you after this book, I will consume every single one one of her others. There are all kinds of books. Some you glace over, some you speed read, some are boring and can take half a year to actually finish. Some you breathe like air, some become a part of you. This book becomes a part of you. You pick it up expecting something sweet and utterly adorable. You get that and so much more. You get heartbreak, compassion, and love. This book is making me question if I even knew what love was before this. This is a story of true love like no other. Two misfits, two hearts, one world. Eleanor has been through it all. Pain and disappointment are her bible. Rejected by her father, kicked out of the house my her stepfather, siblings who don't know what side they're on and no one to call a friend. She is completely and entirely alone. Alone and confused. She knows who she is. She knows what she wants. She's confused as to why the world seems to mock her. She hides behind over-sized clothes. Hides. She doesn't hide. She puts on a brave face for the world to see, holds her head high and uses her clothes as a mirror to bounce off the insults and cruel names that high schoolers are known well for. The first day of the school is the worst. She just came back from her mother's friend's house after getting kicked out for what was supposed to be a week, but ended up being over a year. On the bus filled with demon-students, among the crowd, is Park. Forever. Eleanor has never had that. Park and her fall in love in the most heart wrenching of ways. They really are star-crossed. In the world where first love rarely last, they have the hear to try. Love is the one word that she cannot say and the one Park is all too eager to say. Nothing about them is sugar canes and gum drops. They have their issues; discovering who they are as individuals, together, what love really is, what forever means. All the while, Park is dealing with finding himself and Eleanor with a difficult home life. Falling in love is never easy, it has pain wrapped in hope, but if you are brave enough to hold onto it and smart enough to keep it, life will take on new colors. And as Eleanor and Park discovered, none of the good stuff is easy. It's up to them whether to keep their own slice of perfection or let it slip from their grasp.This is a book about the amazingness of first love and how when everything falls apart you gotta hold on to each other. It's a sexy, tender romance filled with comic books, U2 and true love. I'm going to have to agree with Ms. Gayle Forman: "Readers will swoon for Eleanor & Park"