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Catching Liam - Sophia Bleu Author gifted http://www.nobentspines.blogspot.com/Well, I read this about a week ago so this is going to be a very strange review...just a fair warning.Who is this Liam that everyone is raving about? Well he's taller than he (point) He's Scottish (point) and he can make awesome waffles (5 points) Now if your eyes aren't going a little stary with that...then I'm not so sure you're human. Catching Liam is a realistic story with a heartfelt romance, friends who are there until the end and twists and turn that will make your breath catch. Jillian's catch and release style of 'dating' takes a turn when Liam decides he's not so ready to leave. The story starts with Jillian waking up to the smell of waffles (ooh yummy) and Liam making them. All the while she's trying to escape him, he's drawing her closer and getting way close that any guy has been to her since high school. This book stumbles through an inevitable romance, broken bodies and secrets that could make or break her future with Liam. First off, I love the way Sophia writes. She draws you into the book. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Jillian even though her resistance to a real relationship made her seem rather cold. I loved how determined Liam was. And Scottish. And waffle making. And brave. He took on her mother (who is kinda a word I'm not supposed to say that rhymes with witch) and stood up to her when she was basically blaming Jillian for her illness. Second, have I mentioned Liam is Scottish? And he's totally down to earth with an awesome personality. He let's Jillian be herself and lets her become more her. Jillian has two awesome best friends who are easy to love. They help her up when she falls down and do what's best for her even when she doesn't know it yet. Most of all, no matter what they are by her side through it all. Everything. Every single thing. I was really impressed with the character development in this book. These characters grew as the book progressed.More than all, I was practically clapping by the time this book was over (and believe me that is hard to do with four people and four pets packed in a car that's not a SUV on a 10 hour car trip) The ending was wonderful. The lead into the next book was really great. I can seeee itttt :D